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Beef & Tomato Ragu

Quick and easy Beef and Tomato Ragu, this is really a simple, parent-friendly take on a Bolognese sauce. It freezes really well and it is a great recipe to have on standby: serve with pasta, make into cottage pie, use for lasagna... the list is endless!

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Mini Egg Frittatas

This egg frittata recipe is so easy to cook, just prepare in a non-stick 12 portion muffin tray and cook through in a hot oven. For me this is a great breakfast option, as I don’t have cook eggs over a stove. It is also an opportunity to use up left over cooked vegetables etc. Chopped herbs work brilliantly, as does the addition of cheese for added flavour. These egg frittatas can be eaten warm or cold.

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    Apple, Pear & Cinnamon

    A quick fruit puree recipe, made with apple, pear and cinnamon. I make this all the time at home for our family.

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