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Before meeting Kerstin I knew instantly we would get on, she describes herself as a mum “juggling motherhood with a glass of rosé in one manicured hand and a designer handbag stuffed with nappies and half eaten snacks in the other”. It’s an approach to motherhood that makes me chuckle and in person Kerstin is just as self-depreciating and real. If you don’t know her feed and blog LUX MUMMA, you need to.

Kerstin and I originally got to know each other last year and I’m so pleased we connected. Instagram really does open up a whole new world of contacts and support. We did some filming together were we talked about our kids, food and what we cook at home. As a bit more background about Kerstin, she was originally born in Sydney and regularly takes her family home with her, no small achievement with a small child on a LONG flight half way around the world. What you will quickly learn from her feed is that she makes travelling with children not only look easy but actually glamorous. When we met I had to ask Kerstin ~ HOW she manages to make it all look so easy?! And that became the basis of this next feature for our Mimi’s Friends series; where guests feature in the Mimi’s Bowl feed and share their knowledge and expertise.

So, today Kerstin has kindly agreed to share her top tips for travelling with kids. If you are planning an Easter break with your kids, then this is the blog post for you. I hope as much fun reading this, as Kerstin and I did collaborating on this piece. It was not without dramas especially when Kerstin’s lap top died halfway through writing it! #mumlife

Thank you Kerstin for sharing your top tips,

with us at Mimi’s Bowl




introducing the fabulous Kerstin, founder of Lux Mumma and mother to daughter Ava


Kerstin’s Top 5 Tips for Travelling as a Family

Founded in London in 2017, LUX MUMMA is an open and non-judgmental platform where you can expect to find honest reviews and recommendations on premium family products and brands, the occasional fabulous fashion find, interviews with inspirational mums and dads from around the globe and plenty of family friendly luxury travel along the way. LUX MUMMA author Kerstin, originally from Sydney, Australia now lives in London with her husband and one year old. A once suited corporate who has over a decade of experience in her previous roles in politics, law and higher education, Kerstin has now turned her passion of writing into a full-time blog.


Tip 1: Research your Destination, prior to Booking

It is worthwhile undertaking prior research to find out whether your destination is popular with families and to have a look at the activities on offer for children. This way you can ensure that you will be able to spend your time together as a family with activities everyone can enjoy. A fantastic site is for honest reviews on what you might expect, and they also have a specific ‘Family Travel Forum’ for families to share advice and their experiences.


Tip 2: Look for Family Friendly Accommodation 

When choosing accommodation look for an oversized room by checking the sqm, or book two separate rooms that interconnect, families always need the additional space. Accommodation which has family friendly amenities from a dedicated kids club and kids’ menu at larger hotels to a washing machine and gated swimming pool for smaller self-catering B&Bs makes all the difference.


Tip 3: Pack Smartly and Wisely 

It is very easy to get carried away and pack everything. However, planning your family’s outfits in advance by writing a checklist, helps you avoid overpacking. Also ask the children to select their favorite toys and books and pack a small bag from home. Overpacking means carrying unnecessary items you won’t need, wear or use and will be cumbersome when unpacking and re-packing.


Tip 4: Pre-book your activities before you arrive

If there are attractions, museums and activities which you can pre-book particularly online then do it. Pre-booking may also entitle you to a substantial saving at most places. It will also save you valuable time whilst on holiday and give you peace of mind. It allows families to plan part of their holiday itinerary in advance which is handy. 


Tip 5: Not Everything will go to plan, and That’s Ok


Not everything will go according to plan as there may be bad weather, cancellations, delays or your children may not be in the mood to see an attraction on your chosen day. However, this doesn’t mean your holiday is ruined. So, don’t stress and make the most of it by moving onto option B or find another activity everyone can enjoy.


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