New Baby Boy

Our little boy finally made an appearance last week,  one day after his due date. He has quickly stole all our hearts and we were so happy to bring him home last weekend. A big thank you to all the team at the Lindo Wing who looked after us, as it was a much tougher labour than with my daughter and we were lucky to have all their support and expertise. He is doing really well and is back above birth weight, which is something to celebrate. I’m still recovering!

My daughter Mima is doing brilliantly and is adjusting to life with a little brother. I’m so proud of her for being so accepting, as I’d been so worried about how she would feel. I try not to share too much of my children’s personal lives through @mimis.bowl as I am really aware that they may want to carve out their own social media identity one day and that may not be in the world of babyfood! So here are a few sneak peaks in photos of the last week or so. 

Thank you all for being so understanding about our little break from this blog and also Instagram. Throughout July I am taking some time out for my family and to enjoy those first precious days. I also haven’t spent a whole lot of time in the kitchen! Instead I’ve being surviving on hubbies cooking... But I’ll be back in August and September to doing what I love soon and trying to juggle it all
Love from me and us all, I hope your enjoying Summer x

Miriam Cooper