New Baby


I wanted to write a more personal blog post this week as I approach the arrival of my second baby. At the time of writing this blog I am just over 34 weeks pregnant and it's been amazing how quickly time has flown with this second pregnancy. My obstetrician kindly nudged me last week: that babies can of course arrive early and its spurred me on to start sorting out the new babies nursery, so that we are ready for this next little one (when he does show up). I was so organised with my first and was completely set up by now: second time around there just aren't enough hours in the day! 

So this bank holiday weekend I am finally tackling all the boxes of baby kit, that have been  stashed in the babies room. We decided a few months ago, to move my daughter into a larger bedroom: to give her old baby room, to the new little one. So I have been focusing on settling her into her new "big girl's room" well ahead of his arrival; so that she doesn't feel she has been ousted by him. We have bought her a new single bed and her old cot bed, has been turned back into a cot, with it's cot sides. Seeing it set up has bought back so many memories of her when she was little.  

I thought it would be really fun to share a mood board of some pieces I love (they are linked). It has been really fun designing a nursery for a boy this time. I have bought some of the below for the new baby: and some pieces like the baby bouncer, just needed a new cover (and were a brilliant investment from my first time round). I hope this offers you some ideas and inspiration too, especially if you are in the process of building your own nursery!

xx Mimi