Celebrating Veg

So this week its #nationalvegetarianweek and we are celebrating all things veg. If there was a week to try and get a few more veggies on the table, than this is it. We do eat meat and fish as a family, but only a few times a week. We eat plenty of meat free meals too and I'm increasingly inspired by a more plant based way of living. 

Keeping veggies on the menu and getting kids excited about vegetables, can be a bit of a struggle. The concept of “hidden veg” for young children is a bit strange, we should declare veggies to our kids, get them used to them & dare I say it they may even start to like them!

Include veggies in every meal and get the whole family to tuck in together: we need to set the example for our kids. I’ve seen so many parents prep painstakingly healthy meals for their children, whilst they live off crisps and cups of tea. Let’s eat the same and make sure we are all getting enough portions of the good stuff. God knows as parents we need all the energy we can get. 


This week taking it back to basics veggies are so much more yummy with a little bit of love and care. Steam veg until soft, cut the veggies into easy-to-grip sticks, choose veggies they love whether it’s peas or avocados & encourage. A fun and simple way to prep veggies is finger foods: get a toddler plate with portions, or a muffin tin, & fill the different sections with different veggies and snacks. Even if your kid just nibbles on one new vegetable, they’ll enjoy the colour and exploring different “options” that they can choose for themselves. Let’s keep up the veggie battle and make it fun too. 


We are also sharing some of our favourite veggie recipes since the start of the year. So if you are looking for inspiration head to @mimis.bowl Instagram for some of these top picks ~

  • Roasted Veggie Penne

  • Lentil & Veggie Spagetti Sauce

  • Sunshine Vegetable and Turmeric Curry

  • Easy Pea Risotto

  • Pink (beetroot) Hummus

  • Mini Puff Pastry Tarts