What's On May

So this week's blog is a bit a round up of everything going on at Mimi's Bowl: as we enter May (how can it be May already?) there is a lot happening in the Mimi's Bowl Kitchen.


On Monday we are relaunching our #babyeatingadventure campaign to share REAL and HONEST weaning stories from parents. This year we will be streaming these live: I'll be dialling mums and dads live on insta-stories and chatting with them about their experiences: what worked and what didn't. This week I am chatting with mega blogger Gemma co-founder of the brilliantly informative This is Mothership http://www.thisismothership.com ~ Gemma describes herself as not being a foodie and this made her anxious about weaning with her first daughter Belle. She found that a #babyledweaning approach worked best for her and her family. So join us on Mimi's Bowl Instagram Stories at 11.15am this Monday, as Gemma and I chat all things food related and we might even take a quick tour of her kitchen too. 


A key theme this week is also Baby Led Weaning vs Purées: when I started weaning other parents kept asking me was I making purees, or following a baby led weaning approach? I found this totally baffling as you can combine both and you really don’t need to pick a tribe. My advice is always to find a weaning plan that works for you; or a couple of plans you like & combine approaches. One thing that worked for Gemma was just fresh fruit cut into sticks: soft fruits like bananas, avocado’s and watermelon are a great place to start. For bigger kids you can get more adventurous: always make sure foods are well prepped. I still cut blueberries and grapes in half for my little girl & she is 3.5 years old! I’ll probably be doing this when she’s still 18... If it’s not for you, there are some brilliant netted holders, or self feeders, you can buy, which you stuff with fruit and your baby can suck on them without any risk of choking (although always supervise). Or just mash fruit with a fork and serve as a no-cook purée. Weaning should be easy, explore and find what works for you and your baby


As it is the first of May, I'll also be sharing my seasonal guide of everything that is good to eat right now. I hope you find this month’s seasonal list helpful than that you will get some ideas for your weekly shop. This is the first month this year where there is suddenly so much exciting new produce, so if you can get to your local green green grocer, farm shop or food market: for a fun family day out now is the time to go. I get inspired, all the time, when I see what’s good to eat now & if your feeling stuck in a rut about what to cook, it can be a great way of sparking some new recipe ideas. Eating seasonally as a family is something we try and do. I found that lots of the baby/ toddler food literature out there totally ignores seasonality ~ why?

🌿red peppers
🌿asparagus (last of this)
🌿spring onions
🌿potatoes & new potatoes
🌿herbs (mint and parsley)
🌿spinach leaves


Finally, we are also continuing our amazing Summer of giveaways this week with https://ergobaby.co.uk With another baby on the way this Summer, I have been eyeing up their amazingly light and cool baby carriers. So I am really excited to be able to offer their NEW OMNI 360 Cool Air Mesh All-in-One Baby Carrier, to one lucky parent this week.

Follow @mimis.bowl on Instagram for the competition details. The lovely team at #ergobaby have agreed the lucky winner can choose the colour they like, depending on stock availability. 


Miriam Cooper