Egg Recipes

Last week I shared our "In Focus" feature on eggs: sharing all our top tips: from nutritional advice and benefits, to cooking and buying guidelines. This week I am sharing a whole host of easy egg recipes, with family friendly cooking times. Eggs are the perfect fast food when you need to get dinner on the table quickly! 


Quick Oven Baked Eggs

This is a brilliantly easy recipe, as being 7 months pregnant I need easy cooking, where the food can take care of itself. These little egg pots are as easy as it gets! Assemble the pots, customise as you like and bake in the oven until set. No slaving over a hot stove. My daughter loves these, with sourdough toast soldiers on the side for dipping. 


Family Style Kedgeree

Nutritious and full of interesting flavours, for more adventurous little foodies, this kedgeree is a family classic. I use flaked fish and light spices to bring this dish alive (avoiding smoked fish for little tummies). Top with hard boiled eggs and lots of herbs for extra flavour and nutrition. A winning family meal, or brunch idea. 


Asparagus Soldiers & Boiled Eggs

One of the quickest egg ideas this month, is using beautiful seasonal asparagus as soldiers for dipping into boiled eggs. You can add a knob of butter and a grind of black pepper to the soft boiled egg, for an instant hollandaise sauce too #parenthack


Retro Avocado Stuffed Eggs

The easiest snack, or quick egg idea, inspired my mother's 80s dinner parties. Instead of combining the eggs with mayonnaise I combine the cooked yolks with lighty mashed avocado, black pepper and a spritz of fresh lemon, or lime, juice. Delicious and super easy, the whole family will love these. 

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