Mother's Day Gift Guide

I’m writing this month’s gift guide in a slightly different way: I want to acknowledge that mothers day can be both a joyous day, but equally a sad time, for those who may have lost a parent. As Mimi’s Bowl grows I have connected to so many brilliant people, feeds and businesses; all of whom have such varied journeys and experiences of motherhood. Increasingly feel it is important to highlight a more sensitive approach to the day: celebrating self-care and also the women in our lives. The mothers, but also the women who act as mother figures and offer their constant strength and support. Let’s make Mother’s Day an inclusive day celebrating the special mums, grandmothers, great grandmothers, women and friends in our lives. Personally, I will be celebrating my mum, my paternal granny (who is 99 years old!) and my very supportive and loved mother in law.

So, this year I have created a few different gift lists: for all the brilliant woman who lift us up, for the tired mums who need a pick me up and a few ideas for looking after ourselves. Something we all need to do more of!

Happy Mothers Day to all

xX Mimi xx

N.b. I would also like to add, this blog is not part of any paid advert - all linked products, are simply recommendations, or things that I love


For the women in our lives ~

Diptyque Candle Duos this is my favourite combination: Roses and Jasmin

Heart Shaped Le Creuset Baking Ramekins I would use these beautiful ramekins, to make oven baked eggs for a special breakfast

Orange Blossom Cologne from Jo Malone. I received this as a gift over Christmas and it is truly the most beautiful scent, I spray a little around my bathroom at the end of the day, to help me unwind

Nurture a book written by the inspirational Carole Bamford, with seasonal guides and recipes


For the tired mums ~

Slip sleeping mask top of my wish list from Space N K, this beautiful mask will aide sleep and let tired eyes rest

Creme de la Mer Soft Cream this is a splurge but probably my favourite face cream, deeply hydrating for tired skin

This Works Pillow Spray I have recommended this before and I really do swear but it. I associate the smell with calm after a long day, it does help me drift off

Papier’s Personalised Notebooks for me its this lovely cooking design, but there are so many to choose from. Writing a list of what I’m juggling (and my recipe ideas) always helps me feel less strung out


Small acts of self care ~

Staying hydrated with this lovely Swell Bottle. Even on the busiest day, the one thing we should all be doing is drinking more water. I filter mine and add herbs (like mint) or slices of lemon

Lumie BodyClock Light I love my Lumie SAD lamp. It helps me so much during the darker months. I have linked this so you can read more about how it works

Aromatheraphy Associates I find essential oils a real boost, this small roller ball with calming oils is a lovely thing to have in your bag

Neals Yard Bath Salts this really does what it says on the label, brilliant for any aches and pains too. Whenever I am tense I get very tight shoulders and this really helps