Baby Number 2

The big news of the week is that I am expecting baby number two, this Summer. It has been wonderful being able to finally share our happy news. Hopefully it will be business as usual, just adding bump into the mix (multi-tasking mum alert). I’m at 20 weeks and have been feeling pretty exhausted; a second pregnancy whilst running around after my boisterous girl is a different ball game. Luckily the nausea seems to have gone away, which is lucky given I work with food all day, every day. Life as a pregnant food blogger is a new experience for me.

Now it really is time to put everything I learnt on my first  baby eating adventure into practice! Even though it is a way off I am really excited to start my second weaning journey and hope that this time I can avoid "baby food panic". 

The advice I always give to parents starting weaning is:

  • Find a simple weaning plan you like and follow it
  • Keep a chart on your fridge of which foods you’ve tried so you can keep track
  • Weaning should be a special time for you and your baby; embrace the mess and enjoy the process

I have been on a mission to end ‘baby food panic’ and make weaning enjoyable for parents. So hopefully lots of you will join me on this second adventure. Thank you all for your beautiful messages of support at our news: I am Really looking forward to sharing this next chapter with you all. xx Miriam 

Miriam Cooper