Half Term Update


There is so much going on in the Mimi's Bowl kitchen: but this week veggies are king. I am making a Homemade Chicken and Vegetable Stock, this recipe is a classic and is at the core of my kitchen repertoire. I have made this stock almost every month for my daughter since she was born. When she was little I would add it to her purees, for extra nutrition. This week it's the basis for my Warming Winter Minestrone, which is a family favourite. It has a secret ingredient to add real depth of flavour and is the best way I know of using up lots of vegetables, that might be past their best.


I am also making a delicious Pink Hummus from just three ingredients, the star of which is beetroot. A lovely dip for vegetable crudités, or a favourite with my daughter spread on rice cakes. Mini Egg Muffins are also on the menu, with cherry tomatoes and mozzarella, this recipe was written for the brilliant My Baba. I am so thrilled its made it into their latest Spring Issue (see our press page for the full feature)

Finally, we are celebrating #nationalpizzaday on Friday. What could be better than pizza on a Friday? I'll share my favourite pizza places in and around Notting Hill and some of my favourite brands and shops for making pizzas at home. There couldn't be a better activity, for little chefs, as we enter the February half-term. 

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