It's Cold Outside

This is my last blog post of 2017, as I am going to try over the holidays to switch off, relax and concentrate on family. I hope you will get a chance to do the same over the festive break. I'm hoping some time-away from the Mimi's Bowl social channels, will mean I can re-set and re-energise for all the exciting plans we have in the pipeline for 2018. 

This week I am posting quick, comforting, family recipes that might be useful to have in your arsenal over the break.


Roasted Plum, Maple & Oat Crumble is one of my favourite recipes from this season: unbelievably easy to make too, for any of you intimidated by puddings and it works brilliantly for breakfast too! There are also two new recipes: my 7 Ingredient Simple Beef Stew this is the ultimate #onefamilyonerecipe dish and could be blended into a lovely puree for smaller babies. Warming and comforting, it tastes better if you make it ahead and it freezes well too, if you want a few meals on standby for the holidays. I am also making Clementine and Pomegranate Jelly: this no added sugar jelly makes a healthy sweet treat. Toasted Wraps are my quick standby too, for meals that you need to through together at the last minute: so I'll be posting about our favourite combinations and asking you for you ideas too. Finally, a light and quick Turkey Bolognese ~ a fun change from a more classic Beef Ragu, which takes half the cooking time too. Exactly the kind of recipe I'll be making at this time of year. 

Have a wonderful break with your family and friends

Wishing you all the best xxx

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