Back to School


This week is back to school; my daughter too is heading to her nursery. So, for September I am working on a whole host of quick snacks (for before and after school), healthy breakfasts and quick supper ideas. I am also blogging about some star immune boosting ingredients to help fight off any winter bugs lurking round the corner. 

Its a new month so I'll be posting our seasonal shot for the month: everything that is delicious to eat right now. As the season's shift you will see the last of the Summer fruits, but also the first Autumn squashes and pumpkins. Hopefully this photo is an easy visual for your own food shop; so you can buy and enjoy some seasonal favourites too. 

Highlight recipes, this week, are my quick and easy Pic N Mix Smoothies, delicious Crunchy Salmon Fish Fingers and my 5 Veggie Sauce. I am making the latter two in big batches for my freezer. 5 Veggie Sauce is great for busy school days/ nights with pasta, or a piece of grilled fish or chicken; it is packed with veggies and totally toddler and parent friendly. Give it a go!

Miriam Cooper