Autumn Cooking


On the Autumn menu this week are some new snack ideas: first up is Rice Cakes with Fun Toppings. When I was weaning my daughter, rice cakes were such a brilliant finger food. Over time I would add toppings to them for texture and extra flavour: smashed avocado, cream cheese, grated apple and so on... So I am working on a few easy and delicious toppings, which you might want to try with your baby, or toddler.  

This week I'm also using lots of the immune boosting ingredients, featured in last week's journal post. Kale is on the menu: I am trying Kale Pesto, which I am serving with wholemeal pasta. Oats are also a top pick, as they are a great source of soluble fibre (which keeps you fuller for longer). I am prepping some overnight oats. By soaking the oats overnight you start breaking down the oats, which makes them easier to digest. (Pre-preparing them for the morning, is a life saver). Finally, I am cooking a lovely mild Coconut and Turmeric Chicken Curry, which I hope will be a winner for the whole family. 

On Friday I'll be hosting a really exciting takeover of the brilliant Fifi & Friends Instagram Account, give them a follow on Instagram before Friday. Then you can join me on their instal-stories for: a live Q&A about "What worked for me when I started weaning my daughter..." and an afternoon masterclass in Crispy Salmon Fish Fingers. 


Miriam Cooper