Immune Boosting


This month is all about adding some immune boosting ingredients into my recipes. As a parent I always dread the back to school bugs, so I am always keen to find ways of boosting my daughter's nutritional intake. I'll be working on a whole batch of new recipe ideas using: berries, oats, green leafy veg, turmeric, garlic and ginger.

As some background info, our nutritional partner Rita has worked with me on some facts about why these ingredients would be great additions to your weekly shop. Look out for them in lots of my cooking, in the coming weeks. 

🌿 Berries ~ full of anti-oxidants & naturally rich in vitamin C to keep away colds
🌿 Oats ~ a source of soluble fibre, to help keep you fuller for longer (gluten free oats for any gluten intolerances)
🌿 Kale ~ or any leafy green vegetables, high in iron, vitamins and antioxidants
🌿 Tumeric ~ a natural anti-inflammatory, it will ease any aches and pains, also an immune booster
🌿 Garlic ~ is a powerful antibacterial and antifungal, good for heart health and immune system
🌿 Ginger ~ very good for relieving nausea, motion sickness and gas, also eases loss of appetite


Miriam Cooper