Time Savers


Now that my daughter is back at nursery I have some extra hours in the day to get organised. Starting with my freezer, I'm having a big clear out and labelling everything so that I have quick meals and snacks, on standby, for when I am time short. I'm filming over on instagram-stories; giving you a tour of my store cupboards and freezer this week, as I sort it out. A lot of the goodies I cooked up last week are in there: Crispy Salmon Fishcakes, Homemade Fishfingers and 5 Veggie Sauce. For me it is almost impossible to cook home cooked meals from scratch for every meal; I have learnt to batch cook as much as I can and freeze extra portions, for days when it's too busy to prep food. Juggling everything is always a real challenge, so I hope to share a few useful tips and tricks.

This week I am posting two new recipes: a family friendly, mildly spiced First Vegetable Curry. I am making it with sweet potato and butternut squash and adding a little ginger and garlic too. I have also been working on a new Turkey Burger with Dried Apricots; I think smaller kids will love this one, as these little burgers are easy to hold onto. I'm also making snacks: Homemade Hummus, Curly Root Veggie Crisps and Kale Crisps. You can never have too many snacks pre/ post the school pick up...

If you do try, or cook any of my recipes please send me a picture. I'm sharing any versions you make over on Instagram stories and I love your feedback too. 

Miriam Cooper