Last Days of Summer


After a lovely break in Kent, over the long weekend, we are now back home in London. We had such a brilliant time: playing outside, picking fruit and running around. We hope you followed our adventures on insta-stories. We ate lots of good food too: using up the fruit and vegetables from the garden. We picked apples for Stewed Apples, Blackberries and Vanilla, and also made a lovely Summer Fruit Crumble (with cherries, blackberries, strawberries and apples). We also harvested so many tomatoes: my little girl loved eating the smaller sweet cherry tomatoes straight from the vines. I made a Gazpacho for all the adults, as a bit tricky for a toddler to eat. And with the remaining tomatoes we roasted them to make Homemade Tomato Sauce. Just pick off the tomato skins (once roasted) and then blitz. The tomatoes were so good, they just needed a little olive oil, but the freezer is now well and truly stocked. We also picked runner beans, beetroot and the last of the Summer raspberries. 

Now we are back in London our nearest organic fruit and vegetables, is in our local shops! I am back in the kitchen this week and planning some "back to school" recipes, as the Autumn sets in. I will also be talking about ingredients to boost immunity: to fight off those winter bugs, lurking around the corner. I'll also be prepping a seasonal shot of everything that's good to eat in September. As the seasons are changing there are some fabulous foods to get cooking with. 

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Miriam Cooper