No Place like Home


This week we are staying at my parents house, or with Grammy and Grandpa, in beautiful Kent. We are exploring the garden and vegetable garden. There are tomatoes to harvest, the late summer raspberries to pick and figs to enjoy. The apple trees are at their best and covered in fruit. There are masses of runner beans, beetroot, chard and herbs. A lot of what we will be cooking this week will be inspired by our adventures. A Summer Fruit Crumble with lots of summer berries and some grated apple to sweeten the mix. Also a Summer Beetroot Soup, which can also be made into a delicious baby puree (I blend it with homemade chicken stock but you can use a vegetable stock, or even boiled water). 

We have also been making and eating lots of home cooked food ~ Herby Salmon Fishcakes and Cottage Pie, classic which work again and again for the whole family. Follow our insta stories to see what we are enjoying each day. We also make a discovery: new seasons "cucamelons" mini fruits that look like fairy sized watermelons, but taste like limey cucumbers. You'll have to see them to believe them! 

Miriam Cooper