School Holiday Ideas

This week I'm working on lots more parent-friendly snack ideas, all tested by my daughter and I. As the summer holidays loom, its great to have some quick and easy recipes and ideas up your sleeve.

These Fruity Rainbow Rockets are a great way of getting your kids to eat more fruit and a fun activity for older kids. I am also sharing another pinwheel sandwich recipe: Herby Salmon, Spinach & Cream Cheese Pinwheels. I guarantee the whole family will love these. 

There will be homemade Bruschetta too using lots of seasonal toppings: tomatoes, broad beans and basil. I am also making two different popcorn recipes: a sweet and savoury version.  Back on the menu is also Cheesy Corn of the Cobs, so easy to make ~ just 2 ingredients ~ and perfect for family feasting this Summer.

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Miriam Cooper