Breakfast Baby

The first meal of the day is always a bit of a challenge for any parent; the start time of any day can vary massively. I am always looking for new breakfast ideas, as it is easy to feel stuck in a rut and find yourself preparing the same breakfast everyday. I have been working on lots of yummy recipes and ideas for breakfast ~ all of which I have tested and "approved of" as parent-friendly. No one has time to be making soufflés first thing in the morning, with toddler in tow... I hope they will give you some inspiration & I'd love to hear your breakfast ideas too! 

All the recipes I cook have to be easy: as no parent has time for long lists of ingredients, or complex cooking processes. I'll be making a Green Smoothie and Porridge with Roasted Peaches. I'll also be sharing my recipe for Oaty Maple Granola and cooking up a batch up our favourite Ricotta Pancakes. 

These new ideas are all simple and straight forward to prepare, so feel confident to give them a go.  For the summer holidays, you may find that older kids want to give a helping hand too. Finally, I'll be sharing a new #onefamilyonerecipe of Mini Beef and Carrot Burgers; the perfect grip-able finger food for toddlers. I serve this with Oven Baked Sweet Potato Chips ~ a delicious and easy meal idea for the endless summer holidays.   

Miriam Cooper