In My Kitchen

We are back from holiday and this week I'm cooking lots of easy family recipes: first up, is my Beef and Tomato Ragu, which we eat all the time. I am making a big batch so I can freeze some extra portions. (You can look up this recipe, in the recipe section of this website). My daughter has eaten various versions of this recipe since she was very little (as a baby I would blend it for her into a smooth puree). If you try one recipe, try this one.

I am making a lovely Tomato and Courgette Pasta Sauce, with seasonal courgettes.  It is really easy to make and will taste so much better than any pre-made pasta sauce. It really is a great #onefamilyonerecipe idea. You can substitute roasted courgette, with other roasted vegetables you like: butternut squash and carrots both work beautifully. 

I am also working on a series of posts called "back to basics": starting with a weaning kit of all the products I can happily recommend, as they worked for my daughter and I.  I am always asked by friends what they should buy, when they start their #babyeatingadventure, so I'll be sharing my top 10 picks. 

Finally, I am making Homemade Vegetable Stock: it is the basis of so many of my recipes from purees, to soups and sauces. This week I'm be using it to make a lovely family soup with roasted vegetables, to show how versatile it really is.  

Miriam Cooper