Summer Eating

It has been so warm in London and I have been adapting what I cook. Lots of quick and easy ideas, that don't require cooking over a hot stove. Recipes that use all the fresh produce that is available and delicious to eat now. Also fun ideas that work for the school holidays.

This week, I'm making a beautiful Summer Minestrone, with a dollop of pesto, which is a wonderful way of using up lots of vegetables. The basis for the minestrone is chicken stock, which is full of goodness. For smaller babies you could blend the soup into a puree. I am making some Mini Broad Bean and Pea Frittatas, for picnics and eating in the garden. 

I am also making a Fettucini with Pesto, but with a special twist. I hope there will be some ideas you will find useful here, for your own cooking. For all of these recipes I am using my Instant Homemade Pesto so easy and versatile, once you have made this you will make it again and again! 

Miriam Cooper