Baby Eating Adventure

This week on Mimi's Bowl's social channels we are launching a new campaign called #babyeatingadventure ~  the aim is to share REAL parent stories about baby eating: the highs, the lows and the small moments of food success. I'll be sharing one baby and parent eating adventure each week and I hope to share as many stories as possible.

The best part of what I do is talking to other parents about how they feed their baby, toddler or child. The recipes and cooking techniques that work for them; what their child likes and dislikes and so on. I learn so much. 

Inevitably there are stories, some funny, some more challenging (perhaps when they have discovered their child has a food intolerance for example). Without realising it we as parents have adapted our cooking, to suit the needs of our children and families: it is this cooking know how, experience and knowledge that I want to share with other parents. The whole process of baby eating becomes easier when we share our baby eating adventures together. And it is an adventure with highs and lows. 

Often when reading baby cook books the recipes, long cooking processes and guides feel so out of sync with the day to day challenge of feeding your baby/ or toddler, healthy food, that can be made quickly. I hope this new campaign will be a starting point to change this, lets share our knowledge and make it easy. 

#babyeatingadventure ~ my daughter and I's story: 

What was the biggest challenge about baby weaning?

At 6 months I found myself in a state of “baby food panic” it seemed so complicated; even the task of pureeing an apple raised about 100 questions… I couldn’t relate to lots of the cookbooks out there, they all had so many complicated lists of ingredients and cooking processes. I found it really hard to juggle it all. 

What does your little one likes to eat?

Watermelon, cucumber, pears & her comfort food is spaghetti bolognese. She also loves chocolate cake (a girl after her mummy’s heart) 

What does your little one dislike to eat?

Red peppers - she will find them in anything and pick every one out

Worst kitchen gadget

I didn't get on well with any steaming or pureeing machine - they take so long to clean - and the process of descaling them was just so complicated!

Funny weaning moment?

The time when Mima's nursery school teacher asked her what she did at the weekend ~ and her answer was ice cream !

Signature dish?

Family style roast chicken

Miriam Cooper