Snack Week

This week is all about easy snacks, these should be really useful as the Summer Holidays loom over us... This week there will be two versions of Pin Wheel Wrap Sandwiches, a classic that reminds me of my childhood. I have made some delicious Oat Bars, with Peach and Strawberries. I am making healthy Sweet Potato Crisps, which are baked in the oven. I am also going to try some Popcorn recipes I have been wanting to try for ages; as well as lots more fun food ideas. 

As well as cooking I am also working on our seasonal mood board for July - with all the fruits, vegetables and herbs that are good too eat now. As we enter Summer, we are spoilt for choice. I hope the latest seasonal selection will  inspire you to try a new ingredient with your little one (s), or family. 

Our campaign #babyeatingadventure continues to gather speed, thank you for all your kind messages and comments. So far Mima, Belle and Jack have all told their eating stories. This week their will be a new baby and parent sharing their adventure. If you would like to take the #babyeatingadventure challenge, please just email me,  as I want to share as many stories as possible. 

Miriam Cooper