Picnic Ideas

This week I'm cooking up lots of easy recipes that work for eating outdoors: either for picnics, or for when you are on the go. Growing up my mum and dad would often get us all eating outdoors (I am one of four kids): big bbq's, or picnics, or just lunch eaten outside on a trestle table with a lovely tablecloth. Food always tastes better outdoors. 

Now that I am a Mum I find that there is an added bonus to getting your little one (s) outside to eat: you don't need to clean up the kitchen floor, after the inevitable toddler tornado...And you can pack disposable plates and cups, which can be binned afterwards. 

We live in London which makes eating outside a bit of an adventure. We keep one picnic rug in the car, and one by the front door. It is lovely to drag ourselves to the park and enjoy some food outside together in those rare moments of English sunshine!

I hope I'll inspire you to make some of the recipes coming over the next two weeks, to celebrate eating outdoors and making those special family moments together.  

Miriam Cooper