Fruit Week

This week its all about Summer Fruits - there are so many delicious fruits in season now: I want to celebrate them. I am making Apple Crisps, which are such a brilliant snack for when you are on the go, or out and about with a pram. Ricotta pancakes and vanilla ice cream are being served with a quick and delicious Homemade Cherry Compote.

I will show you some of our favourite smoothie combinations too; as well as my quick #parenthack which is simply to blend your own Fruity Yoghurts with a stick blender. I love doing this as there are no nasty additives, preservatives or sugars when you flavour your own yoghurt and it really does taste better and take seconds to prep. Finally I am making a Peach & Apricot Crumble with Maple Oat Topping: which is just delicious.  I hope this week will inspire you to try some new fruity recipes ideas!

Miriam Cooper