Introducing Texture

This week I am still cooking up some good pasta recipes and continuing to talk about texture. I found the easiest way to introduce texture to my daughter was with baby pasta and baby cous-cous. Adding them to sauces and purees, that I had made to her. I also experimented with the purees I gave her: switching from blitzed purees to mashed purees (at around 8-10 months). By 1 year she was nibbling on veggies, that I steamed until they were really soft. That is what worked for us. 

I have whizzed up some baby purees that I used to make for her using sweet potato: its amazing the rainbow of colours homemade baby purees give you. Incomparable to anything shop bought. I did use babyhood packets but mostly when I was on the go and on holiday. It really is worth batch cooking some purees at home. Just steam everything through really well, steaming helps lock in nutrients, and then blitz. 

I am cooking a few different family friendly recipes a lovely Orzo Pasta & Roasted Veggie Salad and a Zingy Chicken & Veggie Noodle recipe, using left over roast chicken and store-cupboard noodles.

I am also working on easy toddler snacks, as I got so many messages about good snack ideas: so look out for some of the ones we have been eating. Snacks need to work for both my daughter and I - as it keeps us both going!



Miriam Cooper