One Family One Recipe

We have just launched our new social media campaign, or hashtag, #onefamilyonerecipe which is exciting.

Some background: as I taught myself to cook for my daughter and our family I realised I could make meals on the weekends, which we could all eat together. I didn't have time to cook babyfood and food for us as well. From 1 year + onwards this became possible, I just didn't cook using any salt; instead I would use herbs, or lemon for seasoning. Equally I would make quite simple food, then serve toppings, a dressing or a more flavoured dip on the side for the adults, to be able to enjoy the same delicious food. Being able to sit down together at the weekends and eat as a family is a luxury we just don't have during the working week. On the weekends I try and make this time for us; some of my happiest childhood memories are long lunches, with everyone sitting down together. 

The latest #onefamilyonerecipe includes a delicious and easy Oven Bakes Cod Fillet, with Sun-dried Tomato Crumb, seasonal Hassleback New Potatoes and Pea Fritters. Recipes for all of these family foods, will be shared throughout the week. 

This month I went to see my teacher Rita Arora, who taught me a course in Nutrition in Practice at Leiths Cookery school (which I completed this time last year). It was an amazing programme and I learnt so much, it also gave me the confidence to start Mimi's Bowl. Not only is Rita a Mum but she is a nutritionist and a fountain of knowledge regarding nutrition. As I am not a nutritionist, for any medical questions relating to baby eating, I would always recommend parents consult their GP, paediatrician or medically qualified advisor. As I am simply not in a position to offer medical or nutritional advice. Rita has been an enormous support on this journey, and I discuss my content with her regularly. If I do share any nutritional information, it is always after consultation with Rita. It is unbelievably important to me that the content on Mimi's Bowl is well researched. 

I hope we can continue to grow exciting collaborations, like our work with Rita, to build Mimi's Bowl into the parent community I envisioned it would be. 


Miriam Cooper