Seasonal Inspiration

I am cooking up lots of seasonal produce this week - inspired by a research trip I took to our local Whole Foods. I always find lots of recipe inspiration in local shops and food halls. This week spring peas and new potatoes are taking centre stage, on our family table. 

I am cooking a  Hedgehog Hassleback New Potatoes, which are a great twist on new potatoes. I wanted something other than boiled new potatoes - as we have been eating them non-stop... This recipe makes a great side dish to any weekend meal; alternatively serve them with some crumbled feta cheese and green beans, as a warm potato salad. 

We love peas in our house, and there are some lovely pea pods in our local shops (I snapped this gorgeous photo last week in one of them). I am making some pea fritters, which can just as easily be made with frozen peas. They take a few minutes to prep and a few minutes to cook, so are truly parent-friendly! 

Miriam Cooper