Summer Recipes

Lots of easy family recipes this week: from breakfast options, to quick dinners. With the change of the seasons I am already in Summer cooking mode; even perhaps if the weather hasn't quite caught up with me!

I am making Mini Egg Frittatas: I'll be sharing the recipe and also a short "how to video", which we shot in my kitchen. These are a great option for the weekends as they don't require cooking eggs over a hot stove in the mornings; just prep them and cook in the oven. They work brilliantly as a healthy snack food too, if you need to take some food, for when you are all on the go.

I am also making homemade fish fingers, they are really quick to make and they freeze brilliantly too. They are great for a standby supper, just bake in a hot oven until completely cooked through. If I was serving them as a family meal I would make a quick mayo, flavoured with chipotle paste for the grown ups.  

Finally, I have been working on a "parent-friendly" ratatouille. I love the flavours of a classic ratatouille but I don't have time to cook all the vegetables separately and perfectly. Instead I will be roasting the vegetables in the oven, to achieve the same flavours without the time involved. To make this into a good family supper I paired it with some roast chicken pieces. But as an alternative you could serve it with some oven roasted fish fillets, or even cooked and drained butter beans. It is delicious and healthy and uses lots of vegetables: summer on a plate.  


Miriam Cooper