Freezer Skills

Over the next couple of weeks I am stocking up my freezer, so that I can produce home cooked meals quickly, when I am time short. Since having my daughter, I have learnt to rely on my freezer more and more. Juggling a busy life and family life often means batch cooking, or making extra food, so I can add to my freezer stash. Using the freezer for homemade basics and having food ready on the go, is an excellent way of ensuring you meet the recommended number of portions of fruit and veg per day (between 8-10). 

This week I'll be freezing Homemade Chicken & Vegetable Stock in cubes and my Beef & Tomato Ragu: two great freezer standbys that I use all the time. I am also going to freeze some herbs as I have quite a few that haven't been used up; and I have found some fun ice cube trays online too. I am trying a new quick natural ice lolly recipe, using coconut milk and fresh fruit. 

I use organic frozen veg and fruit a lot in my cooking, as it means I always have fruit and veg to hand, its also affordable. There will also be a few ideas using frozen spinach and frozen berries. Look out for Bubbling Spinach and Parmesan Gratin,  Instant Raspberry Frozen Yoghurt and a delicious Apple & Blackberry Crumble with Oaty Maple Topping

Miriam Cooper