Cooking with Fish

This week I have been cooking family friendly fish recipes and I want to share what we have been eating.

Oily fish (such as salmon) are rich in omega 3, which helps with brain function and concentration; so its a great ingredient to include in your weekly cooking. I have been adding salmon to Homemade Fishcakes, a healthy Salmon and Bean Salad and delicious Mini Fish Pies with Root Veg Mash. I am also making a family favourite a rich Tomato & Potato Stew with Baked Cod, a great weekend recipe. I am also sharing the babyfood recipe that I made for my daughter, more than any other: a nutritious Fish, Butternut Squash & Spinach Puree.

Sustainability is key when buying fish, so check with your local fishmonger, or supermarket counter, to see if your fish was caught sustainably and to see what fish is fresh and in season now.

Happy cooking!

Camilo Gonzalez