Veggie Week

Cooking for kids is challenging: there is no harsher or immediate food critic than your own child to deliver feedback. I find one week my daughter likes a specific food and the next week the same food is rejected... I am always looking for ways to include more veggies in my home cooking.

This week I am focusing on recipes using plenty of vegetables: my 5-Veg Sauce, which is simple to make and a great freezer standby. A classic Mimi's Bowl recipe: my Homemade Chicken & Vegetable Stock, which has so many nutritional benefits and is a great kitchen staple.

On instagram I have also been working on an instant seasonal shopping list; a quick photo of the best veg and fruit that's good to eat now. I am planning a seasonal fruit and veg photo for each month of 2017: a quick shopping list of ideas, from me to you! X 

Camilo Gonzalez