Getting started

I began cooking baby food for my daughter, by trial and error. I tried it all: from the expensive ‘all-in-one steaming and pureeing machine’; that then required 30 minutes to take it apart and clean it, after each use... To the ice cube trays that froze solid so I couldn’t remove the food (you need freezing trays with a soft silicon shell). I tried pureeing every fruit and vegetable my green grocer had; initially fighting seasonality, because I had read somewhere about a specific list of fruits and vegetables that were good first foods to try....

I wrote down my experiences and started to work on recipes that my daughter liked and would eat. In the end I rejected expensive equipment for a simple hand blender and soft structured ice cube tray: it needn’t be expensive to make baby food at home.

I get asked a lot what I recommend to get started - so here are some of the kitchen tools I use again and again. Hopefully a lot of them are things you might have in your kitchen at home already. 

Camilo Gonzalez