Mimi's Bowl

Having to produce multiple meals and snacks each day, for a rapidly growing baby is a challenge for many parents. It can feel endless and all consuming. Before my daughter’s arrival I had never had to produce and plan so many healthy and home cooked meals; I found it relentless. I had to learn what she could and couldn’t eat, what she needed to eat as she grew, how to plan ahead and how to make food that would work for my family. Speaking to other new parents, I realised that we were all learning how to plan and to cook for a family for the first time. I created Mimi’s Bowl because I wanted to share the experience of cooking for my little girl, with other like minded parents.

Mimi’s Bowl is an aspiring community, for anyone with a toddler or baby in their life, a place to share tips and recipe ideas for healthy home-cooked, kid friendly food! 

Neo Khama