Sweet Treats


I am working on some sweet treats this week, as we approach Christmas it can be a challenge to keep a balance. We do eat some sugar, as I like my daughter to be able to share cake with her friends at school and not miss out, but it is also not the norm for us on a weekly basis. I am re-posting my easy Oat, Apple, Raisin and Cinnamon Bars, which are very low sugar, filing and healthy. They take 5 minutes to prep and once cooled can be cut up into squares and stored in a airtight container. We are trying a new recipe for Apple Biscuits made with spelt flour. I am also going to bed making Classic Gingerbread so we can have some fun decorating the biscuits one rainy afternoon. As the weather turns colder, it seems to be a great opportunity to get little ones involved in the kitchen. 

There will be savoury dishes too and with the onset of snow in London, my first thought was my Simple Beef Stew, made with braising steak. Blended this would make a great weaning puree also.  I will be making a quick Bean Goulash too as a vegetarian option. Lots of warming ideas as we start the count down to Christmas. 

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