Chicken Recipes


I have been stockpiling several chicken recipes over the past few months, so I am going to write about them this week. Chicken is always a crowd pleaser with small children and it is good to have some new recipes to keep food interesting and varied.

I often get asked about fussy eaters and fixed food habits. Its always a good idea to speak to your GP and seek medical advice if there are bigger concerns, but as a parent my biggest piece of advice is to encourage a wide variety of colours, tastes and textures. This is how I cook for my daughter: I offer her as much variety as possible. If you know your child likes  a food, i.e. chicken, prepare it but in lots of different ways; to stop you getting into a fixed routine of the same dish every night. Finally, I try never to make food a battle ground, if my daughter doesn’t want to eat something I take it away and try it again the following week. Toddlers have been known to change their mind fairly often!


On the menu: a new recipe for Cheesy Chicken Meatballs, these make great finger-food, for smaller toddlers, that like to feed themselves. I will also show you how to cook them in a quick tomato sauce if you'd like to serve them with spaghetti. I am also revisiting my Homemade Chicken Nuggets, these are marinated in yogurt to make them extra tender and this month I am adding a pinch of paprika. Once prepared I freeze these nuggets, so that I have them on standby for quick suppers. Finally, I am making a Winter Minestrone using plenty or vegetables. The base is warming chicken stock and tinned tomatoes. I use a combination of dried and fresh herbs and I also have a secret ingredient which will add real depth of flavour. These are all family favourites which I have tried and tested, so I hope your family will enjoy them too. 

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