Giveaway Week


This week we are running our first giveaway on Instagram, in partnership with the brilliant Oogaa Baby. The winner will receive some of their fun and colourful weaning spoons (my daughter loved these when she was weaning).  Check out the giveaway on Instagram: we are looking for the best weaning photo tagged #babyeatingadventure ~ we are excited to see all your great photos!

I am also still posting about "what I wish I had known" when I started weaning with my own daughter: this week I am talking about how difficult I found it making "baby food", as well as cooking normal family meals. This was one of the reasons I founded Mimi's Bowl as I just couldn't understand why there weren't more recipes out there that you could adapt for the whole family. Shortly after founding Mimi's Bowl we launched the hashtag #onefamilyonerecipe and I began to develop recipes which can work for the whole family. For example, if I stew apples and cinnamon for the whole family, then I blend some into baby puree too.

I have worked on a whole range of recipes like this which are flexible, as this was exactly what I looked for when I started my baby eating adventure. If you agree this is the way forward for modern parents trying to juggle it all, then tell a parent friend about Mimi's Bowl and lets spread the word.

Food wise I am making Baked Apples with Cinnamon and Raisins, I am also cooking up my healthy Baked Spinach and Ricotta Bites, which work brilliantly as a side to a bigger family meal and as finger food too. There will also be lovely Kitchen Cupboard Ingredient Pesto Tarts. Finally, I  still testing out new Gingerbread recipes for Christmas. I want to find the perfect version, with no added white sugar, if you have any good ones: please send them my way. 

Miriam Cooper