Home Cooking


This week my little girl has been poorly, she has a horrible cold and bug, it's been difficult juggling home cooking whilst looking after her. I have been relying on my freezer hoard of sauces and quick meals. Mostly I have been making her plain and filling food: baked potatoes, plain pasta, mashed banana on toast and so on. We have also been eating some key kitchen-cupboard ingredients (which you may have seen on my Instagram stories) including store bought: oat bars, fruit purees and My Baba Vitamins (which you can purchase on the Zita West website and are brilliant).  


This week I'll be posting our new Kale Mac N Cheese video, shot in my kitchen. It's less than a minute and will show you how to make the recipe step by step. Mac N Cheese is a great comforting classic and kale works really well with the creamy sauce. I am also making a simple Butternut Squash Pasta (pictured) which is filling and gentle on poorly tummies. I'm catching up too on some recipes which I have promised to post: but haven't got round to posting, in particular my Plum Crumble with Oaty Maple Topping, which is really easy to make and works as pudding and breakfast!  

Miriam Cooper