Kitchen Takeover

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We are so excited to announce that this week we are launching a kitchen takeover of Maggie & Rose, Kensington. They will be serving Mimi's Bowl specials from now until Christmas. Each month, there will be new specials accompanied by fun nutrionnal facts (which I am sharing here too). This month they are cooking up our yummy Crispy Salmon Fishfingers and blitzing Berry & Banana Smoothies. You can find all the recipes on our Instagram feed, if you'd like to try them at home. If you are a member of Maggie & Rose, then order them straight to your table in their cosy Kensington Cafe!



Fun Nutritional Facts, to encourage healthy food choices ~ 

  • Bananas = are full of fibre and will make you happy, they contain tryptophan which helps you produce the happy hormone serotonin

  • Blueberries = are full of vitamins, especially vitamin C to help you fight off winter bugs

  • Strawberries = have you ever noticed that strawberries have their seeds on the outside, in Belgium there is a museum just for strawberries

  • Spinach = like popeye you need to eat your spinach to keep you strong

  • Salmon = omega 3 and protein, good for your brain and helping you concentrate in your Maggie & Rose classes!


In the Mimi's Bowl kitchen, at home, I am making some gorgeous Toasted Mini Wraps, in a nod to #tacoday ~ there are two yummy versions to try. The first has Roasted Butternut Squash and Feta Cheese, the second is a lovely Mediterranean inspired mix with Tomatoes, Red Peppers and Roasted Chicken. I am making a comforting Mac N Cheese with Kale, another way of getting some leafy green veg eaten. I am also making some seasonal Root Vegetable Rosti. Hopefully lots of new ideas for your family menus, happy cooking. 

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