Summer Vegetable Soup


This summer soup is brilliant for using up veggies ~ you just cook the vegetables, add homemade stock and plum tomatoes, then reduce. I add a handful of pasta for the last 10-15 minutes of cooking, to make this into a robust family meal. To serve you can add a spoon of instant pesto and some crusty bread. For smaller children you could blend it, or mash up the cooked vegetables. This is comfort food in a bowl and a taste of Summer. 


I hope this doesn't look like too many ingredients. It really is just vegetables, stock/ water, herbs, tomatoes and a handful of pasta. You can use vegetables you like

Here is a shot of what I used to make this summer vegetable soup

Here is a shot of what I used to make this summer vegetable soup

  • olive oil

  • 2 small onions

  • 1 garlic clove

  • 2 small courgette ( yellow and green)

  • 3 carrots

  • 2 medium potatoes

  • 1 bay leaf (optional)

  • pinch of dried oregano (optional)

  • 750ml homemade stock (homemade or no salt stock)

  • 250ml water

  • x2 tins of plum tomatoes

  • 120g pasta

  • handful of green beans, chopped into small batons

  • Parmesan, finely grated to serve (optional)



Take a large pot and soften the onion in a little olive oil for 10 minutes until translucent

Prep all the vegetables (courgette, carrot, potato): washed, trimmed, peeled (if necessary) and diced.

Add all the veg to the pot and cook until softened and starting to brown.Next add the aromatics: crushed garlic, bay leaf and pinch of dried oregano. Finally add stock, tinned plum tomatoes: cook at a  simmer for 30 mins. 

To finish: add a handful of pasta and cook according to the packet instructions (for the wholemeal tubetti pasta I used in this 10-12 mins). You can add a bit more water if needed. Finally add green beans for the last few minutes, or until cooked.

Remove bay leaf and discard. Serve with a sprinkle of grated Parmesan, some bread and I recommend a dollop of my Instant Pesto too.