Quick Tuna Dip


Quick and easy snack idea, or dip, using store cupboard tuna. Lots of you DM me about snack ideas and it’s good to have some standby snacks, that you can throw together easily. Whilst snacks out of a packet are convenient they can contain additives and extra junk your kids just don’t need. They can also be really expensive. One of my solutions is dips that you can whizz up in your blender: serve with veggie sticks, bread sticks or rice cakes. The benefit is you know what’s in them too and they work for the whole family.

  • x1 tin of tuna, drained weight 120g

  • 50-60g full fat cheese cheese (2 tablespoons approx)

  • 1/2 lemon, juiced

Pulse the ingredients in a blender until combined (you don’t want the mix to be too smooth, just pulse a few times). Add a grind of black pepper and a sprinkle of chopped chives (optional). Serve on toast sticks, or with some breadsticks. 

Quick Tips Tuna ~

When buying tinned tuna, it’s advisable to stick with tuna in spring water (brine is generally more salty and therefore higher in sodium) or in sunflower oil. Choose skipjack, which is lower in mercury: it’s recommended no more than 1-2 portions a week.

snacks, fishMiriam Cooper