Avocado Eggs


In love with this quick snack idea, with a hint of retro. My mum always made stuffed eggs for her dinner parties in the 1980s. So this recipe is an update on her version: instead of mayonnaise I'm using avocado. For adults you can sprinkle with chilli powder, cayenne pepper or paprika for a little heat. 

  • hard boiled eggs

  • avocado

  • black pepper (optional)

  • fresh lime juice (optional)

Remove the egg yolks from the whites, using a teaspoon and being careful not to break the white egg shell case/ half. In a bowl combine the egg yolks, chunks of avocado: either mash with a fork until completely combined, or use a hand blender to blitz until smooth. Loosen with fresh lime juice and and a pinch of black pepper (if using). Then fill the egg white halves with the avocado/ egg mix and serve. 

snacks, eggsMiriam Cooper