Easy Egg Fried Rice


This quick family recipe is totally adaptable: use ingredients you like. The key is rice that’s been pre-cooked and then completely cooled, this will stop the rice from sticking together. So If you have any leftover rice this is a pretty easy supper and a great way of adding vegetables too! If you need something simple and quick to whip up after the long weekend, this quick food idea is for you. I haven't added quantities as I really do make this up from leftovers, that I have in the fridge.  

  • Heat up a wok, or large frying pan, add a little veg oil

  • Next add the precooked rice (cooked and completely cooled first)

  • Cook the rice in the hot pan and the oil for 3-4 minutes moving constantly, the rice needs to be completely reheated by the end of the cooking time

  • Next add your veggies: I used chopped red pepper, spring onions, corn, some frozen peas (but use whatever you like). Cook for a 2-3 mins.

  • Move the veg and rice mix to one side of the pan and add a beaten egg into the space. Allow to cook on the underside and then break into strips with a spatula.

  • Fold the rice, veg and egg together for a final 1-2 mins. I add a splash of reduced salt soy sauce to finish.

  • Scatter with chives and serve