Root Veggie Mash


In the Winter when root vegetables are at their best; I combine them into one delicious seasonal mash. You can use it as a topping for pies, I also round the mash into cakes and breadcrumb, then lightly fry, if you add poached fish you have instant fishcakes. This is a great recipe if you want to increase your veg intake, children love mash and they won’t notice the extra goodness on their plate. 


Serves 6-8


  • 600g potatoes

  • 300g parsnips 

  • 300g carrots

  • 25-30g unsalted butter

  • black pepper, freshly ground


Bring two large pots of water to the boil. Prep the veg: wash, peel and cut into large dice. Add the potato to one pot of boiling water and the carrot and parsnip to another. Cook both until tender. (I cook the potatoes separately as they take slightly longer: roughly 20-25 mins. This depends on how large the diced vegetables are). Once the vegetables are soft, when pierced with a knife they are ready for mashing. Remove from the heat and drain with a colander.

Add all the cooked vegetables to one large bowl, mash with a potato masher, or press through a potato ricer, until you have consistency you like. Season with butter and black pepper, to taste.

veggiesMiriam Cooper