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My working life to date has been in fashion, as a womenswear buyer for Harrods Ltd. During this time cooking was not part of my schedule; instead fashion and travel took over. Becoming a Mum has completely changed my day to day life and how I think about food and cooking. I want my daughter and I to be eating good healthy home-cooked food. This does not need to mean complicated, or scary recipes, that are time consuming.

I face the same pressures other parents face feeding their babies; I also understand the total frustration of learning what your baby does and doesn’t like. After the arrival of my daughter in September 2014 and whilst on maternity leave, I found myself needing to completely rethink how I cooked, both at home for our family and for my daughter.I had several major episodes of “baby food” panic (exacerbated by the time-short, exhausted and overwhelmed feelings of any new parent). I then knew I wanted to create Mimi’s Bowl and share recipe ideas, with other parents.  Learning to feed your baby is at times extremely daunting, especially a first baby.


how mimi's bowl began...

I tried it all: from the expensive ‘all-in-one steaming and pureeing machine’; that then required 30 minutes to take it apart and clean it, after each use... To the ice cube trays that froze solid so I couldn’t remove the food (you need freezing trays with a soft silicon shell). I tried pureeing every fruit and vegetable my green grocer had; initially fighting seasonality, because I had read somewhere about a special list of fruits and vegetables that were good first foods to try. I noted down my experiences and worked on recipes that my daughter liked and would eat.

There is no harsher, or more immediate, food critic than your own child to deliver feedback... In the end I rejected expensive equipment for a simple hand blender and soft structured ice cube tray. I started to develop my daughter’s palette from bitter to sweet tastes, because I strongly believe we shouldn’t privilege sweet flavours for babies from the outside (something so many baby food recipes do).

And so, Mimi’s Bowl was born. 


my approach to family cooking


Mimi’s Bowl wants to help parents when they are time short and trying to juggle family life. A lot of the food and recipes I cook, can be adapted for the rest of the family. I simply don't have time to prepare baby food, or toddler food, and "grown up" food separately. One of my simplest tips, to make recipes which work for all of us, is to stop using salt in my home cooking: instead I flavour with lemon and herbs. That way my two year old daughter can enjoy mostly the same food as the rest of my family.

On the weekend I only cook food that we can all eat - for example, if I stew fruit to puree it for my daughter, then we eat the same with yoghurt. Online I tag these recipes #onefamilyonerecipe



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